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SOAR SPA General Info

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SOAR SPA (Something Positive Afterward) is a weekend retreat for survivors and their families designed to enhance the healing process by rejuvenating the spirit and fostering supportive relationships and bonds.

The main goal of SOAR SPA is to build friendships with other people who have similar experiences to your own.

Throughout the weekend are workshops for personal exploration, growth, acceptance, and healing. There is group work as well as individual time to reflect and set goals. 

Each SOAR SPA is different. No two are alike. They are held in different locations and at different times throughout the year. You may attend one, or two, or all of them. You can come alone or bring a support person such as a family member or a friend. It's totally up to you. If you bring a support person (which we strongly encourage), they will have their own time set aside to share with each other.

SOAR SPA is meant to rejuvenate, inspire, motivate, and encourage survivors and their supporters in the healing journey.

If you have any questions please contact us at either 321-278-5246 or